How does David Blaine pushing needle through his arm?

Anybody who saw David Blaine’s needle trick would surely be stunned on how he did it, or even question why he did it. Queries popped up like “How did he do it?”, “Is it real?”, “Did it not hurt him?”. No one really knows but David.

There are many presumptions of how he did it. Others say David Blaine used the needle for the “needle through balloon” trick or the acupuncture needle. Acupuncture needles are hollow and when pushed, does not really pierce through the skin instead create a path through the flesh, which may be without or with little but bearable pain.

Others explained the possibility that David Blaine wrapped his arm with silicon or rubber cement or other material. With this, when the needle is pushed through, it did not actually pierce his skin but through the channel of the silicon or rubber cement wrapped. With the technology nowadays, this is greatly possible.

There are yet various logical and scientific explanations how David Blaine did it like accurate piercing to areas of the arms with no nerve endings thus doesn’t result to painful piercing. One thing for sure, everybody was amazed. David Blaine is a master of his craft.

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